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Morning Minute: ‘You Can Do It All If You’re White’ [MUST LISTEN]

Morning Minute: ‘You Can Do It All If You’re White’ [MUST LISTEN]

Damn Chris Paul, we don’t know if we should bop along to this song… or cry. Listen above for some real rap over TI’s beat after he was arrested outside of his own home.


Morning Minute: ‘You Can Do It All If You’re White’ [MUST LISTEN]Cathy Hughes Being Honored Today In Hometown, Watch Here!Little Known Black History Fact: Oliver Lewis


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Why I Don’t Regret Taking Medication to Cope With My Depression

Editor’s note: Until recently, mental health and illness were taboo subjects in the black community. But thanks to the efforts of those brave enough to speak on it, that’s changing. In that vein, The Root team is taking this week during Mental Health Awareness Month to write about how mental health has touched our…

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Is It Safe To Admit I’m Just Happy It’s The White Side of Meghan Markle’s Family Acting a Damn Fool?

The Royal Wedding is happening at some point this week. I haven’t been following the news blow by blow, but I know enough to know the main characters. Meghan Markle (who I enjoyed on Suits) is marrying Prince Harry (who is a prince). They look nice together in pictures, like the cover models for a pamphlet about a new…

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Rolling Solo: Thandie Newton Made a Stylish Statement About Representation at Cannes 

Fun fact: Thandie Newton collects Star Wars action figures. Well, only the black ones.

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